About Us


History of Company

Carvajal Consultants, Inc. is a software development company founded in 1993 which was started with the idea that a business can provide better products and services to its customers through the use of technology.

Our methodologies revolve around you, your business and the key parts that make it produce revenue. In automating these parts of your business, you not only can provide more services and/or products to your existing customers but can also seek to expand in finding new ones.

We’ve helped many industries achieve this, which include the shipping, telemarketing, software development, medical and direct sales, among others. There are many aspects in each industry that you can apply in your own business, our job is to learn about your business operation and see what can be applied where.

Miguel Carvajal, President

You’d be amazed at how the techniques used to sell something over the phone in the telemarketing industry can apply to your business and will increase your revenue. This isn’t just about technology, it’s where business and technology meet to provide you with business expansion.

We’ve been around this long because we deliver the desired results. Our clients know that when we accept a project, it will be delivered regardless of any barriers that may arise.

Of course, many things can be said about what we do and how we operate. But the only way to really experience what we’re all about is to get in touch with us and let us show you ways you can make technology work for you.